Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Lovely rose quartz 12-sided pendulum on a metal chain (silver color). The quartz has inclusions and natural flaws, and as you can see in the photos, these stones are pale pink.

These are handcrafted by a Reiki master, from who we purchased them, who says these are charged once made.

What do you do with a pendulum?

It's an ancient method of divining, or getting an answer to a question.

  • use it to get one of two possible answers
  • or to spell out answers using a pendulum board
  • as an elegant alternative to a coin flip or black plastic ball
  • carry it with you and connect with it
  • use it to determine what you want most by gauging your response to the answer you get
  • take out one stop on the train to decision fatigue
  • use it during an aura cleansing
  • use it for psychic connection or third eye work
  • hang out with your cute and friendly* rose quartz pendulum

*cute and friendly is in the eye of the beholder, but there's something about these little cuties (see?) that inspires that description. We've independently felt the need to greet them.

Note from Johnny: The chain is lightweight plated metal. My hands tend to wear through cheap plating rather quickly, but I haven't had even a peep of what's underneath on these.