About Us

6Witch3 is founded by Johnny Blackchurch.

Who? Johnny is a multiethnic, multinational witch type. Born in Buenos Aires – Afrolatino/Ludár Romany – citizen of the UK, US and Argentina raised up and steeped in cultures that informed the art, herbal knowledge, cooking ability, artwork and handicraft that honors old traditions while adding new ones. The power of ritual is present in every item presented here, and is made to help you feel better, to recognize your beauty and strength, embrace your quirks and encourage and uplift you until you’re strutting around feeling grand.

6Witch3 is co-owned and managed by Manzin, who dislikes writing bios and put off writing this as long as possible.  Masterfully juggling myriad roles both scenic and behind-the-scenes,  the Side Witch delights in supporting staff and customer alike with equal parts tenderness, care, wit, and an abundance of memes.