Rough Rose Quartz Pendulum

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A rough chunk of rose quartz, not shaped or smoothed but left in a more natural state.

What do you do with a pendulum?

It's an ancient method of divining, or getting an answer to a question.

  • use it to get one of two possible answers
  • or to spell out answers using a pendulum board
  • as an elegant alternative to a coin flip or black plastic ball
  • carry it with you and connect with it
  • use it to determine what you want most by gauging your response to the answer you get
  • take out one stop on the train to decision fatigue
  • use it during an aura cleansing
  • use it for psychic connection or third eye work
  • bring it to a home improvement store and ask them to color match you some paint (never underestimate the power of a strong purple wall)