Violetta - Spell Oil

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Breathe easier with this spell oil - no cloying scents or artificial colouring. Safe to wear, see details below.

Formulated from 18+ oils for the protection and prosperity for sex workers, particularly those who are in permanent situations, from courtesans to kept sugar babies, to dominants and submissives in contract, and anyone who has made a life out of a situation that began around sex work. (If you're a sex worker not quite covered by these types of situations, you may prefer the guardianship of Astarte via our Astarte spell oil.) This blend doubles as a scent oil, with a base of violet, but surrounded and uplifted out of the old-fashioned violet types into a contemporary, delicious fragrance. It's named for the courtesan who is the main character of La TraviataTraviata.

It has a base of violet, with notes of coriander, bergamot, ginger, musk, cedarwood, spiced sandalwood and more.

To wear:

  • 1 drop on each wrist, then rubbed behind your ears, and a drop or two wherever else you want to put it.
  • We wear it neat with no trouble, but dilute it 1:1 with your favourite carrier oil if you have sensitive skin.
  • Or just dab it on your clothes where your body will warm them. (Please do your due diligence on your fabrics to make sure they won't be damaged by oils!)

To scent your space:

  • 4-5 drops into an oil warmer or diffuser will do the trick. You shouldn't need much more!

For spell work:

  • Wearing it is its own spell, but it's also perfect to dress candles when your intentions are to step out of the ordinary world and seek answers or guidance from your outermost self/selves, and get onto other planes.

How much should I get?

  • 1/2 dram contains ~50 drops (2.5ml)
  • 7ml contains ~140 drops (7ml)
  • 2 dram contains ~200 drops (10ml)
  • 10ml roller ball contains ~200 drops (10ml)
  • 1 oz contains ~600 drops

    You can see the sizes relative to each other in the last photo. We generally recommend getting smaller sizes and keeping oils around for a shorter period of time before refreshing them, but if you're going for a bigger size, keep them in a cool, dry spot and not in direct sunlight, and please - not in a car. No. Very naughty.

    Our scent oils have some natural antimicrobial from the essential oils in them, but we also add an additional natural preservative - usually less than a drop per batch - just to add a little more protection from bad little microbes. If you prefer no additional preservative, just ask! We use rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract but as always, we recommend that you refresh your body oils regularly to keep your skin healthy.