The Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle

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Another winner from the Sterling Ethos crew, the lovely Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle!

A lush deck bursting with brilliant color from every angle, each card seeks to impart the wisdom the plant world can share with us, with the lovely Cannabis sativa herself as the star of the show. Each card radiates with a calm patience and has an occasionally playful, lighthearted aspect. Sometimes it feels like it's chuckling a bit as you flip through, but it's never mean-spirited. It's refreshing to have something be cannabis-themed without straying into the stoner burnout stereotype. This deck is very much a celebration of the plant as a teacher and guide more than yet another "heheheh munchies" dig.

As with the Modern Witch tarot, the folks featured here skew in favor of people of color, predominantly women, and we absolutely love the opportunity to carry decks that stray away from the cis/white tarot imagery that's been the standard for so long.

Cards come in a lovely storage box that opens from the bottom (magnetized for a very satisfying closure) and includes a tiny softcover guidebook. It should be mentioned that the booklet does not include reversal meanings. The backs of the cards allow for seamless reading in either direction but if you're new to tarot or like a little extra guidance no matter which way the cards fall, this might pose a problem.