Smudges - Sage, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, Cedar, Sweetgrass

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Smudge sticks - well-known to cleanse a space and banish negativity, but other uses as well, depending on what herbs are in the bundle.

[See notes about our sourcing white sage below.]

Choose the size and herb combination:

  • Black Sage (Mugwort) - use it to open your third eye, inspire lucid dreaming, and connecting to your higher self and your chosen guides. - 5", 9"
  • White Sage - purification, cleansing, banishing negativity. 4" mini, 5", 7", 9" - genuine California white sage
  • White Sage with Yerba Santa - healing, purification, cleansing, banishing negativity, protection, love, growth, improving divination skills, setting boundaries and healing/unblocking the heart chakra. 5", 9"

  • Blue Sage with Yerba Santa - 4" - removes blockages and negative thoughts, cleansing, banishing unwanted energies and negativity, healing
  • Yerba Santa - healing, purification, cleansing, banishing negativity, protection, love, growth, improving divination skills, setting boundaries and healing/unblocking the heart chakra. 5", 9"
  • White Sage with Cedar - purification, cleansing, banishing negativity, exorcism and attracting positive spirits. 5"
  • Cedar - strong protection, purification, cleansing, banishing negative energies, boost psychic skills, break hexes and curses. 5", 9"
  • Blue/Shasta Sage - remove emotional blockages and residual negative thoughts, cleansing, banishing unwanted energies, use in healing work. 5", 9"

  • White Sage with Rosemary - strong protection, purification, mental clarity, memory, vitality, ward off bad dreams, friendship, remembrance, healing, improve emotional state, uplifting. 9"
  • Sweetgrass Braid - elevating consciousness, attract and improve connection with spirits and elementals and nature, healing, aid in wisdom, improve luck. 22" braid.

  • Lavender - 4", 8"  - calming and refreshing, soothes nervous system, opens heart chakra, protection

  • Blue Sage with Lavender - 4" - similar in function to white sage but a gentler, less pungent scent than white sage. Lavender aids in calming and relaxation. 

  • White Sage with Blue Sage and Yerba Santa - 4" - healing and cleansing, removing negativity, spiritual strength

  • Mountain Sage with Myrrh - 4"-purification and new beginnings, use before meditation to aid in healing and aligning chakras

  • Mountain Sage with Dragon's Blood - 3" - purification and new beginnings with the additional potency and strength of dragon's blood for a little extra oomph 

  • Piñon (Pine Brush) - 5" - pleasant woodsy scent, used to bring about healing and prosperity

Three very important notes about sage and the use of smudges:

1. We purchase California white sage from a responsible supplier who purchases directly from the growers themselves - at fair rates, and in controlled amounts in response to seasonal yield. In the case of California white sage, they observe a strict buying limit and release rate to ensure that supplies are not over-farmed. The custodians of the limits are the Native growers, and what they determine is safe to sell is what is made available. Should these growers stop supplying our supplier, we will simply stop carrying it. We defer entirely to the judgment of those custodians on the viability of their crops as the weather continues to change in frightening ways.

Note that our pricing is lower than most independent suppliers can manage because of this supply chain, which was hard won after over a year of searching. Also because of this supply chain, our herbs are incredibly fresh, bursting with scent, almost sticky with the plant's natural oils. They don't sit around getting dusty and dried out. If you purchase from us, you'll notice the difference. 

2. The use of herbs for purification, known as smudging, is a rite that has been practiced worldwide, but the use of white sage is undeniably and inextricably linked to Native American/First Nations traditions. To those peoples, white sage is a sacred plant (as are cedar, sweet grass, and tobacco, though these are not under threat from over-farming.)

If you have any doubt that it is appropriate for you to use white sage to cleanse your space, please consider the use of mugwort, black sage, yerba santa, or cedar on their own.

3. Please note that cleansing a space does not merely mean to burn it in a bowl and let it be. It requires active engagement before the herbs are placed into a bowl at the end. If you'd like to make the best, most caring use of this sacred plant, learn how to use it with respect for the people who have generously made it available to us, on their own terms.