Small Brass Hanging Censer - 3.5"

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Tiny versions of our larger brass censers with star-shaped cut outs. Great for charcoal tablet burning of incenses as well as cones. If you're not hanging them up, it's probably best to put them on a heat-proof surface as the metal can get hot all the way through.

Important note: If you hold one by the chains and carry it, the lid is likely to fall off. It does best when it's hanging from a hook in a ceiling or upper cabinet (be sure it's tall enough to withstand heat). Otherwise, it's just fine sitting on any relatively flat surface.

Exact size varies by style, on average they're about 3.5" tall when on a tabletop and roughly 8.5" when hung.  Shown with some benzoin of Sumatra resin and a lighter for additional scale. 

Each sold separately, pick your favorite!