Satya Stick Incense - Various Scents - 15 gram pack

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The original classic - made in Mumbai, India with natural and essential oils and highly saturated incense for a lovely, highly fragrant burn with the cleanest smoke we've found in a traditional wood stick incense. 15 sticks at 1 gram each.

Choose from:

Black Champa - A sweet but spicy blend of sandalwood and herbs reminiscent of a darkly wooded glen. 

Jasmine - Supports self-confidence, is a mood enhancer and antidepressant. Jasmine also acts as an aphrodisiac and helps balance feminine energy/ yin within the body.

Lavender - The Lavender flora incense helps soothe, put to rest bedtime worries and lift insomnia.

Lemongrass -Lemongrass has a light and fresh lemony smell with earthy undertones. Stimulating, relaxing, soothing, and balancing

Nag Champa - A classic combination of frangipani and sandalwood. Can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.

Neem Forest - Also known as Indian lilac, neem is a popular medicinal herb with dozens of uses. Burn while outdoors to repel mosquitoes and biting flies.

Opium - A little spicy and a little sweet, with a ghostly wisp of what smells like the taste of a grape gumball. 

Patchouli - Attraction, lust, protection and an intoxicating scent. It's also an insect repellant!

Red Champa - Love the original nag champa fragrance but feel it falls short of perfection? Red champa is a bit deeper than nag champa and might be just the thing.

Rose - The yielding aroma of Rose flora incense helps gently alleviate anxiety and depression and correct hormonal imbalances.

SandalwoodHighly regarded in the texts; also known as 'heartwood', it has a distinctive soft, warm, smooth, creamy, and milky precious-wood scent which stimulates the brain cells and nerves, which helps in calming and relaxing. In Ayurveda, It is known as Chandana.

Super Hit - Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. Helps open up your core to abundance and positive energy as also helps uplift your mood.