Prosper - Spell Oil

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Breathe easier with this spell oil - no cloying scents or artificial colouring. Safe to wear, see details below.

18+ oils, plus crushed juniper berries and clove powder, formulated with the intention to secure your love/partnership/mutual respect situations, your health, and your money - particularly with business prosperity. It also carries a powerful protection element and it's become one of our best sellers for those seeking something wearable that's got the goods.

Contains notes of: bergamot, lavender, orange, myrrh, palmarosa, basil, cardamom, cassia, amber, clove, allspice, and much more, plus botanicals.

You can use it to dress candles, add to incense, warm in a burner or you can wear it - just strain it and add it to carrier oil in a one-to-one ratio (or just put it on clothes rather than skin). There is visible botanical matter in every bottle, but you don't need to keep it in when you start using it.

  • 1/2 dram is enough to dress at least 4 candles.
  • 6ml is enough to dress at least 12 candles.
  • 2 dram is enough to dress at least 14 candles.
  • 1oz is enough to dress at least 60 candles

This is full-strength oil, so if you're going to use an oil warmer or diffuser, you only need 4-5 drops to get the scent into the air.

  • 1/2 dram contains ~40 drops
  • 6ml contains ~120 drops
  • 2 dram contains ~147 drops
  • 1oz contains ~591 drops