Mini Cauldron - Red, Pink or Blue - Painted Cast Iron

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Our mini cauldrons - the best cauldron shape ever, actually cute! and these are bright and catch the eye. You can use these according to the significance of their colours, or just use them because you like them!

These are the classic shaped mini cauldron painted with bright paint, and these are handmade. Please check out the details below regarding their little character lines and blemishes.


  • 4" high from feet to the top of the lid
  • 2 3/4" wide bowl (outside rim)
  • 2 1/4" deep bowl in the center
  • 4 1/4" wide bowl when you include the loops to hold the handles

Heavy Cast Iron:

Heavy cast iron gives them the durability you want for a long life of heavy use, but it also means they're a little more to ship. If you have a shipping code, it may not work for these. Just let us know if that's the case and we'll give you a store credit code to use instead for a reduction of overall shipping cost.

Handmade and it shows:

These little guys have a classic pot belly shape and steel handles and are cast iron - hand-poured and hand finished, and hand painted. As such, you'll see little imperfections, bumps and shears, textures that aren't completely smooth, and sometimes, impressions in the iron or dings in the paint. We've done our best to photograph them from all angles in various kinds of light, and we've chosen to photograph the ones we put out for display at market events, so they're the ones that are well handled and have been through it. This way, you can see how they're durable, but they'll show wear as you use them, like fine old leather or iron cooking pots.

When you order, you'll get the ones that have been kept in boxes, but please note that they may also have bumps and dings from their journey from the makers in India to our door, and then to yours. They're tough little guys, but show cosmetic scars.

Personally, we love that about them, and we think it gives them character and (dare we say it?) personality, but if those blemishes will bother you, our nice, shiny, smooth brass burners might be a better choice!