Murray & Lanham Herbal Soaps - Florida Water, Rue, Sulphur, Patchouli, Money Jackpot, Cinnamon, Sandalo

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Used for ritual cleansing, but also just because they smell great. These are made by the legendary Murray & Lanham and they're affordable enough to give them a try. They're 3.35oz (95g) bars and last a good, long time.

Choose from:

  • Florida Water - Scented with the famous Florida Water as formulated by Murray & Lanham.

  • Rue (Ruda) - Made with rue herb, used for strong protection, and was used to ward off fleas, and even poisoning.

  • Sulphur - Great for skin, including for acne, eczema, scabies, as well as purification and protection.

  • Patchouli - Great for skin, including for acne, dry skin, dermatitis; eases cold and flu symptoms; eases stress/anxiety. Magickal uses include lust/sexuality work, money drawing, tranquility, balance.

  • Money Jackpot - Murray & Lanham's magical perfume blend made to amp up your money work, wash off bad luck and make your skin smell good. (If you have sensitive skin that doesn't react well to perfumes, give this one a miss. Also - does not contain actual money.)

  • Cinnamon - A mild astringent, good for overall skincare. Magickal uses include purification and healing, spiritual elevation, higher vibration, enhancing psychic abilities, heating up sex and sensuality.