Govinda Blue Añil

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Banish negativity and bad luck with añil. Use the bright blue to elevate vibrations and add protection and joy.

Add one square to your laundry to neutralize the yellow tone caused by bleach or dissolve in a bucket the next time you wash the floor for cleansing and protection. May also be carried in a mojo bag, or dissolve one square into a glass of clean water and put it on your altar or in your bedroom in a secure location, or in the corner of any room. You can also use it with camphor if you're having trouble with nightmares, or if you'd like help with recalling dreams/boosting prophetic dreams.

For a personal cleansing bath, add one square of añil to a liter (~33 ounces) of clean water to which you can also add drops of Florida Water / Agua Florida, Kananga Water, or holy water, then shower/cleanse normally and once you've dried off (but before any lotions/creams) you can splash the cleansing bath water over your body, making your oral petition for protection and cleansing.

Traditionally, natural plant-derived indigo was added to cleansing washes but it was expensive and difficult to find. Copper sulfate was an interim substitute, but it was highly toxic. Añil sintético, or añil used for "blueing" - tinting laundry whites blue to eliminate yellowing and whiten fabrics - was an effective substitute and may be considered the new tradition. Añil is also known as "azulete" and "azulillo".

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