Ginkgo Leaf - Ginkgo biloba

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Magickal uses:

Ginkgo is an elder plant - unchanged since dinosaurs walked the earth, and correlates with the brain.

Contains high magickal energy.

Longevity/long life, and longevity in peace after death.

Aphrodisiac, fertility, love strengthening, wedding. Keep your mate true (in hoodoo: control your mate).

Restore masculine vigor.

Healing rituals - burned, or as tea for health and to sharpen your mind before an important event, test or meeting.

Carry in amulets, charms, mojo bags or paquetes as a healing herb.

Immerse it in water and then drain it, keep in your bedroom for beauty, love, grace.

Any creativity working.

Gambling luck.

Combine with alfalfa leaves as an infusion for physical and spiritual energy.

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