Fumitory - Fumaria officinalis - Earth Smoke

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Magickal uses:

Banish evil spirits - use infusion to sprinkle through home, or burn as incense. Dispel evil, especially on Hallow's Eve.

Money-drawing - burn as incense when citing intention or making petition. Rub infusion on your shoes to draw money.

Purification. As incense throughout home or place of worship, or as infusion to sprinkle throughout, and to cleanse tools and ritual objects.

Bless new home before moving in. (Infusion or incense.)

Prepare and purify before important rituals.

Traditional Herbal Uses:

Used to treat intestinal spasms and IBS; to start the flow of bile to digest fats.

Also used for skin conditions, eye irritation (conjunctivitis), heart problems, fluid retention and constipation.

In tea - 1 tbsp dried herb in 2 cups of cold water, cover, bring to boil and remove from heat. Steep for 15-20 mins. Drink 2-3 cups per day.

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