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7.5 oz / 221 ml bottle

Since 1808, the recipe for Florida Water has been the same - a version of the even older "Eau de Cologne", or Cologne Water, which has a citrus basis. Florida Water uses sweet orange and adds spicy/herbal notes like lavender and clove. Florida Water, a translation of Agua Florida, refers to the legendary fountain of youth (and also means "flowered" or "floral water".)

It's a lovely, any gender scent, fresh and light, which you can wear or use in sachets. It's also good as a skin toner and can be used in your bath.

Magickal uses have crossed disciplines and usually center around purification/cleansing the self for rituals, and can be a good substitute for holy water for those outside the faith required to have water blessed. 

It's good for cleansing ritual items and your hands, as well as for making contact with ancestors.

Florida Water is body-safe as determined by the FDA, but should be tested on a small patch of skin before applying more widely. We do not manufacture this product, so we're not sure of the ingredients that aren't listed. However, it's used by thousands of people around the world and has been for since 1808.

For a non-alcohol hand sanitizer and ritual wash - antimicrobial and which also smells good - you can check out our own Idyll Hands, containing ingredients we can vouch for.