Extracto Miel de Amor

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Miel de Amor, or honey of love, is another love/passion/attraction-based oil that we carry. While some oils work to attract someone to you, this one is a bit more specific than that.

Miel is used to strengthen the attraction between people and even contains pheromones to aid in that attraction. It can be used in candle magic but it seems to work best when applied directly to the skin, particularly the places you'd want your lover's nose to end up (throat, chest, thighs, etc)

It goes without saying (but we really must say) that we do not recommend putting this oil directly on your genitals! To get much the same effect with a greater degree of safety, consider daubing it on the waistband of your underwear, your belt buckle, or your zipper. After all, much of a magic oil's strength comes from the application of your personal energy and the action of your will more than the ingredients (though they certainly do help)

This oil is not vegan as it contains pheromones from rendered animal fat.  

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