Coffin Nails - Rusted vintage and clean square nails

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Coffin nails, square nails. Vintage nails for use in your magickal workings.

All rusted nails are vintage and were used in building and carpentry. Some are unused but vintage and rusty. All clean nails are brand new, or unused vintage.

Coffin nails are best known for their use in malicious workings, but you can also use them for powerful protection work, as well as scribing into candles, etc.

You'll get three coffin nails per order for the smaller nails, so a quantity of 1 is three nails. If you need six nails, choose a quantity of 2. The 4" rusted nails are sold per piece, so you will receive only one 4" nail per order.

Rusted coffin nails will be chosen randomly from a pre-vetted collection of hundreds of nails, so you may get crooked or straight or both, but they'll all be useful. 

We also have a special collection of crooked, bent, curled, smashed and otherwise gnarly nails for use in malicious work. We call these "war nails" and they'll come in a vial with either guffa/goofer dust or graveyard dirt (gangster).

For regular rusted nails, there are some options for different kinds of work:

  • Charged with and shipped in guffa/goofer dust for hexing, cursing, war work
  • Kept in and shipped with graveyard dirt (Choose type of graveyard dirt. Choose "soldier" for protective work/home security work. Choose "gangster" for war work, witch bottles, war water, hexing, cursing, etc.)
  • Charged in neutral earth for grounding, for use in protection work, for binding into a cross shape to make a talisman, for scribing into wax. Ship without earth unless requested.

Clean nails will be shipped in sets of three, square nails with sharp, pointy ends. You can rust them yourself, treat/anoint/prepare however you like to make them into war work nails or protection nails, etc.

Notes about our graveyard dirt:

Many traditional spells require "bought and paid for" graveyard dirt. This is why we started to offer it, but we're also aware that it is not always practical or safe for everyone to gather graveyard dirt, especially with physical limitations, aggressive patrolling of cemeteries, secret practice, strict family, etc. We can safely gather it and our other items, and by "safely," we mean physically and spiritually. We're happy to make this available to you at a reasonable price.

We pay appropriate tributes and make asks for the general use of the energies of those whose graves we used BEFORE dirt was collected, and only proceed if it feels solid as an exchange. We do not use dirt from the graves of anyone with maintained grave sites or anyone recently deceased. (Exception: someone we personally knew that would enthusiastically agree while alive.)

We can disclose to you the name and general info about the gangster based on the public information made available when he himself was found slain in the streets of Detroit. You can then petition him by name to assist, if you feel confident in the necessity and justification of your work. Please note that we will not disclose the name or info about the soldier, for what should be obvious reasons.

Please handles all rusty metal with caution, taking care to avoid being cut or pricked. Nobody likes tetanus, or the shots you have to get for it!

And our ubiquitous disclaimer: Sold for novelty use only. No magickal guarantees are made for the use of these nails.