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 With a base of golden jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, this nourishing blend of 7 beneficial essential oils, plus vitamin E, you can replenish your nails and cuticles after every time you wash your hands, or throughout the day.

It's especially beneficial for people who work in industries that require a lot of hand washing as the formula soaks in quickly and it's safe to touch food afterwards. You can ingest it, though it won't taste good - and please don't drink it - but you're safe to use it around pets and patients and diners and tattoo collectors, you name it.


1 drop to each nail bed and you should even have enough left over to rub against the nails of the opposite hand. Rub in well, and let it soak in. (You can put any excess on your elbows or knuckles or wherever you like to nourish dry skin.) It's safe to use multiple times a day. You can also apply it to your toes, though we recommend you do that at night for maximum benefit.

If you're just starting to take care of your nails, try a few soaks with a full drop on each nail (fingers and toes!) and wear gloves and socks for a half hour or more to let the oils really penetrate and give you maximum benefit.

Use throughout the day to keep your nails nourished, help them grow stronger, and keep hangnails at bay. Use it as part of your regular skincare routine, and keep pushing (not cutting!) those cuticles as your nails grow, and you should see results.

During development of this oil blend, our resident witch tried the formula for one month, and though he uses his hands every day to make things and move things, he was able to maintain sharply pointed nails without breakage - even through two remote sales set ups and tear downs and moving a medical bed. You can see the results in the final photo in this listing, just before he cut them so he could type faster! This photo shows unmanicured, untreated natural nails. The only thing he did was file them, wash them and apply Coffin Nails nail oil 3-4 times per day. Your results may vary, but if you have a low protein diet, you may wish to look at increasing your protein intake to strengthen nails and hair - ask your doctor for guidance.

Available Sizes:

  • 1 dram - ~74 drops

We can supply it in larger sizes if you have multiple users. Just ask!