Calendula - Calendula officinalis

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Whole petals with trace leaf matter, no stems or other flower parts included. 

Food-safe. Body-safe. Suitable for use in tinctures or teas, or in carrier oil.

Magical Uses:

  • Soothe trauma victims
  • Calm angry energy and bring compassion
  • Reduce negative energy
  • Burn as incense for luck in court cases
  • Sprinkle on bed or under it to induce lucky number and prophetic dreams

Traditional Herbal Uses:

  • Topically in oil or cream on wounds, swollen or irritated skin (including the nethers) or for general skin care use to improve hydration and firmness. 
  • As tea or tincture taken orally - improve oral health, anti-spasmodic (relief for menstrual cramps, abdominal cramps, constipation), anti-inflammatory (relief for internal wounds and irritation including sore throat, mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers), fights free radicals in the body, cleans toxins from the gut.
  • Steeped in distilled water and filtered as eye wash to combat conjunctivitis and other eye irritations.

Ayurvedic Uses:

  • Pacifies pitta and kapha doshas
  • Enhances vata energy
  • Striroga
  • Granthi
  • Artavajanana
  • Ropana

TCM Name: Jin Zhan Ju


  • Planet - The Sun
  • Gods - Xochiquetzal, Babalu-aye, Oshun, Amaterasu, Ra, Zeus, Apollo
  • Constitution - Neutral; warm
  • Element - Fire
  • Seasons & Holidays: Midsummer, Samhain, Day of the Dead