Brass Hanging Censer - 6"

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Lovely brass censer with four-pointed star-shaped cut outs. Great for charcoal tablet burning of incenses as well as cones. If you're not hanging it up, it's probably best to put it on a heat-proof surface as the metal can get hot all the way through.

Important note: If you hold it by the chains and carry it, the lid is likely to fall off. It does best when it's hanging from a hook in a ceiling or upper cabinet (be sure it's tall enough to withstand heat). Otherwise, it's just fine sitting on any relatively flat surface.

Available in both shiny (pictured) and flat matte gold finishes.

When it arrives, the top point will be screwed in the opposite way to make it easier to pack. Just unscrew it and put it back on the top to match the pictures!


  • ~6.5" tall with spike
  • a little over 9" tall from chain top to base
  • 3" wide bowl
  • 2" wide side walls of bowl (angled)
  • 1.5" deep bowl (inside)
  • 2.5" tall bottom without lid