Bat Nut Devil Nut Trapa Bicornis

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An age old talisman for luck and protection in different regions of the world. They’ve been cultivated all over Asia for over 3000 years!

Bats are lucky in Chinese culture, and these little guys are also considered good luck as talismans and to eat the starchy seeds, sometimes (erroneously) called water chestnuts.

There are different ways to use bat nuts:

  • use one above your door facing the outside as a ward against unwanted entities/spirits 
  • use 8 on a red string as a powerful good luck talisman in the home
  • use one with other magickal pieces to make a protection/luck amulet with your specific intentions

For all of the above, regularly “feed” the bat nut with a magickal oil that matches your intention.

  • use as an offering on your altar when doing dark work, or working with dark entities. In this case, burning would be appropriate if finishing the work, or it can be left on your altar if appropriate.

These bat nuts have been fully dehydrated to prevent bacterial growth, cleaned, and then oiled with protection oil so they're ready to go right out of the bag (but adding your own finishing touches is always encouraged).

Sold as a curio only, these are not a snack or a food and should not be eaten, nibbled, or tasted by living beings.