Agrimony - Agrimonia eupatoria - dried herb

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Associated with masculine energy, the planet Jupiter, the element of Air and the astrological sign Cancer, agrimony has been used in traditional practice to not only block, but send back curses, hexes and jinxes, reflecting them to the sender. Used in incenses, burned in cauldrons, added to a body wash or in mojo bags or paquetes, you can use it alone or combine it with other herbs as below. Add it to a sleep sachet to ease troubled sleep.

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Herbal partnerships:

  • Add it to Rue to beat back Mal de Ojo / the Evil Eye
  • Add it to Slippery Elm Bark to cut the slander and lies of others
  • Add it to Black Salt to optimize protection and uncrossing. (You can use regular salt for this if you don't have Black Salt!)

You can take agrimony orally by way of tincture or tea, or topically as a poultice. It's been used since before the Middle Ages and has yet to fall out of favor in medical use. It's been studied by Western medical doctors and results were favourable for its effectiveness in the treatment of several conditions.

In traditional medicine:

  • Agrimony is said to reduce bleeding in the body - including menstrual bleeding and inflammation, and is beneficial for anemics. Contains antioxidants to help 'clean' blood.
  • It's used for digestive issues including IBS symptoms and diarrhea, improving bladder control, and controlling glucose and insulin uptake in the body, as well as improving liver and gallbladder function, and is thought to have a reductive effect on kidney stones.
  • Used as a heart tonic to restore heart strength.
  • Soothing sore throats, alleviating coughing, symptoms of bronchitis and sinusitis and is said to speed recovery from colds and flu, and works as an antihistamine.
  • Skin issues - apply topically or take orally to alleviate acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, blood eruptions/bruising and other skin irritations. Helps reduce corns and warts.
  • Improves nail and hair health.


  • If you're pregnant or trying to be, nursing, about to undergo surgery, it's best not to take agrimony as it has an effect on bleeding, which includes menstrual cycles. For surgery - stop taking it 2 weeks before you're scheduled for the procedure. Discontinue use 2 weeks before if you plan to get tattooed or pierced.
  • If you have diabetes or other blood sugar issues, be sure you monitor your blood sugar levels if taking agrimony to help lower it. If you're taking any other medications to control your diabetes, be extra vigilant to make sure your blood sugar doesn't go too low.
  • Don't take this or any herbal supplement without checking with your doctor.