Abalone Shell Bowl - 6"-7"

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We've seen a lot of abalone shell bowls, but these are some of the most vibrant and solid ones we've ever seen. They're polished on the inside with a light oil coating, and left natural on the back, and they're between 6.5" and 7" on average. Each changes colors depending on the light in that beautiful iridescent way that abalone does: some are gleamingly ocean blue, some heavily leopard spotted, and some are a crisp champagne. To say photos don't do them justice is an understatement.

We've seen those sellers that say "large," but you get a little pale looking thing when you order it. These are properly large - the main photo shows a 5" herb bundle in it, for comparison.

As these are natural shells, each one is unique. Ever picked up one of a group of things and known that it just wasn't right for you? Do you hunt through the entire pile of quartz for just the right chunk that feels perfect in your hand? Us too. So each shell has a group photo and a solo glamour shot so you can pick the best one!

You can extend the life of your shells if you add some sand in before you burn stuff, but of course it can be burnt right on the shell - just expect some scorch marks as you use it. They also make beautiful ring holders but be careful if your rings are particularly large or heavy, shells are brittle and can chip easily.