7-Knob Spell Candles

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7-Knob candles are great for petitioning spells. You carve into each knob - either the same request or related ones - and dress it as you like with corresponding oils and/or powders.  Just order the color according to your needs. Choose red, black, white, or green, each roughly 7" tall.

  • Black - used for hexing, but also against negativity, for banishment, mystical wisdom, protection, strength, and transformation
  • Red - used for courage, health, sexual love, power, war, root chakra issues, lust, sense of stability, improve relation to the world, passion
  • Green - used for financial abundance, money luck, fertility, find and receive love, emotional centering, forgiveness, romantic love, compassion, empathy, platonic love
  • White - used for purity, truth, the divine, higher self, unity, peace, consecration, cleansing of tools, blessings