Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Here's our Plain Talk Privacy Policy. We tried to clarify this the best we can, but just drop us a line if there's something you don't understand.
We enabled Google Analytics so we can check out how our people are finding us because we’re trying to business correctly. That means that cookies are enabled on this site. We don’t identify users or collect or facilitate the merging of any personally identifiable information with the non-personally identifiable information collected through any Google advertising product or feature. If that ever became a thing, we’d not only notify you, but require your prior affirmative consent (opt-in), but we don’t ever intend to do that. There’s a way to opt out of even the non-personally identifiable information, though, and it’s right here: (this works on all Google Analytics everywhere.)
Shopify also uses cookies so you can put things into your shopping cart even before you sign up for an account on our site. It's not really possible to use a shopping cart without cookies, but if you want to just hang out and look and send your order in another way, you can do that by using an incognito window (in Google Chrome) or private mode (in Mozilla Firefox), or other private browsing option on the browser you use.
Personal Info
When you sign up to make purchases on our site, our commerce company, Shopify, holds your name and address and billing information on their secure servers. We, as in 6Witch3, don't store it on our own computers because we're not security experts and we don't want to fool with your data. 
Email Addresses
We don't automatically sign you up to an email list. After your first purchase, we may send you an email to ask if you'd like to sign up for our list, but you won't get aggressively spammed either way. We don't email frequently even if you do opt in. We'll let you know if anything cool happens, basically.
We don't share your email address with anyone, and we won't. We won't sell it or give it away in any way. We don't store it on our own computers either. We use a secure email service called Email Octopus and they take good care of it. They obviously agree not to share it with anyone that it wasn't given to, and we'll end that deal if we ever found out that anything weird happened.
Data Responsibilities
Since we rely on third-party experts to keep your data secure, please note that by using our site and shopping with us, you agree not to hold us liable if they do something weird with your info, or get hacked. We're vigilant with our data and we're as vigilant with yours because data breaches suck, but if something is out of our control, we're happy to help you get answers, but we can't necessarily fix it ourselves.
Product Outcomes
We are required by US Federal law to tell you that we cannot guarantee any outcomes when you use any of the things that we sell - they're sold as curios only. We also cannot make any health statements. All uses on our sites refer to legend, lore and traditional use, though if there's a medical or other reputable study out there, we'll let you know!