6Witch3 Rose Salt

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Rose Salt - for ritual use only. Though it's likely safe to eat, it's not going to taste very good. It's got essential oils added, and rose petals.

This is our own blend, and is safe to add to baths and washes, and also safe to burn. You can add it to any candle spell or use it to make a love oil, or add it to a bonfire spell (or toss a handful onto the bonfire by itself!)

It's in a 4oz boston round bottle but you actually get 5 ounces, but moisture variances/weather will make it over or under by a few tenths.

Also available as a refill - comes in a glassine bag at a lower price so you can refill your glass bottle to minimize waste.

Magickal use:

For passionate love, to heal broken/waning love, to stir passion, to attract a romance. Works for any gender.