6Witch3 Lucky Rice

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Lucky Rice - a supercharged lucky rice to get your money right and your luck flowing. Colored rice, plus a powerful blend of herbs and oils, genuine shredded, circulated US currency in all denominations and real 24k gold leaf.

Draw abundance - not just money but wealth, and good luck. Sprinkle it on your prosperity altar, the perimeter of your home and business, put it in your charm/mojo bag or paquete or keep it in your clothes in a sachet. If you're gambling, put it in a small bag and wear it while you're gaming.

Add a lucky coin to it, or 3, 7 or 12 copper coins, when you get it for an extra boost.

It's in a 4oz boston round bottle but you actually get 5 ounces, but moisture variances/weather will make it over or under by a few tenths.

Also available as a refill - comes in a glassine bag at a lower price so you can refill your glass bottle and minimize waste.