6Witch3 Black Salt

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Black Salt - for ritual use and cooking. It's food-safe - just activated coconut charcoal and salt!

It's in a 4oz boston round bottle but you actually get 5 ounces, but moisture variances/weather will make it over or under by a few tenths.

Also available as a refill - comes in a glassine bag at a lower price so you can refill your glass bottle to minimize waste.

Magickal uses:

  • Walking anticlockwise around your property, sprinkle salt on the perimeter
  • Make a thin line across thresholds and window sills
  • Add a pinch to any current workings: spell jars, paquetes or mojo bags - to repel hexes and curses
  • Hide a small packet at work to absorb anger, gossip and negativity
  • Add a pinch when making luck charms to repel jealousy
  • Add a tsp of salt to water for a floor wash or body wash - for body, wash head to toe
  • Throw a pinch in a footstep of someone you want to get rid of or stop from visiting
  • Add to a protection candle, or to add protection to any candle
  • Black salt can serve as the "earth" element in rites, rituals and spells
  • Add to food when preparing for a challenge, or to repel hexes
  • Dispose of any used salt in running water, or burn it away
  • Use it to draw a word on your altar and sweep it away to repel it

This is food grade, and charged with moonlight and charged for protection.