House Blessing Spell Kit Tube

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Everything you need to bless a house in one satisfying tube.

Includes spell oil. herbal spell blend, chime candle, and petition paper.

Candle color will be either orange or blue, chosen at random.

Instructions for use:

Write your intentions in your own words on the petition paper.
Use the spell oil to dot a "five spot" (think of the pips on a die) to represent a five.
Apply spell oil to the surface of the candle and roll it in the herbs to coat (doesn't have to be a complete coat).
You can sprinkle leftover herbs on your thresholds/windows.
Put the candle in a chime holder or melt the bottom to stick it to the lid of a glass jar.
Fold the petition paper and place it under the jar before lighting the candle.
You can speak your intentions aloud or to yourself or just let the petition paper speak for you.