Pack of 20 Chime Candles

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A pack of 20 little candles in different colors for all uses. Great as a starter selection while you're getting your bearings, but always good to have around to set a quick intention or help someone else along. These aren't beauties, but they're the cheapest way to get a base kit of colors and get to work. Very soft and carvable paraffin. You'll either need charm candle holders or just melt a little wax on the bottom of the candle to stick it to the holders you have.

You'll get 2 of each: white, red, black, orange, purple, green, light blue, dark blue, yellow, and pink.

Check out the photos for size reference in a hand, but they're about 3.75" tall and just a hair under half an inch (7/16" to be exact). These are poured and demolded by hand, so sometimes you might need to trim the candle to the wick, or the wick to the candle.

Perfect for rituals, spells, prayers, blessings. Made in India.

Standard candle disclaimer: Don't leave candles unattended, be careful with them around kids and pets, and watch out for the hot melted wax.

A quick guide to candle colors:

  • red - passion, strength, sexual potency, lust, love, attraction, war, action, fertility

  • orange - creativity, justice, business success, ambition, vitality, energy, business/success, opportunity, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction

  • yellow -  happiness, memory, inspiration, imagination, clarity, manifestation, pleasure, success, learning, charm, confidence, travel

  • green - prosperity, abundance, money, success, luck, growth, tree/plant magick, weather, health, fertility, attraction, marriage, physical/emotional healing

  • blue - communication, good fortune, willpower, truth, fidelity, focus, domestic harmony, remembering dreams, sincerity, astral projection, removing bad vibrations

  • indigo - spiritual guidance, psychic ability, dignity, stop gossip/lies, divination, meditation, ambition, overcome depression

  • purple -  meditation, intuition, wisdom, divination, influence, drive away evil, change luck, independence, higher forces, spiritual power, conflict with spirits

  • brown - house blessing, animal/pet magick, stability, concentration, material goods, locating lost objects, real estate, construction, legal matters, grounding

  • black- grounding, protection, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, banish/destroy negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, scrying, binding, repel black magick, defense

  • white - all purposes (can stand in for any color needed) unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, healing, innocence, truth, hope, new beginnings, protection, harmony, calm

  • pink - love, compassion, nurturing, friendship, romance, partnership, domestic harmony, self improvement, self-love, affection, forgiveness/reconciliation, intimacy, spiritual/emotional healing