Wide Brim Witchy Sun Hat

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That glowing skyball is unrelenting but for some reason or other, you must go outside and into its territory. Carve yourself a circle of shade with this enormous hat!  Perfect for sitting on a beach or bobbing gently in the deep end of the pool while nursing a frosty beverage, but shifts easily into a striking piece for a late night rendezvous.

Made of black straw, this hat features a subtle black ring around the brim and is flexible enough to be shaped for ultimate shade or ultimate drama. Fits heads up to 22" but has a little bit of stretch. When worn, the brim is 6" wide from forehead to edge, 20" wide edge to edge, and has a cord around the inside of the brim to help out smaller noggins. Dress it up with a ribbon or some flowers and, due to the wide size, a couple hatpins would not be out of place particularly on breezy days. 

Straw hats are made to be bendable and foldable for easy transport. We ship them folded and yours will likely have creases after arriving. They're very easy to smooth out with a little steam or water.  Don't care for a floppy hat? A little starch will stiffen the brim and hold the shape you prefer.  Google is your friend for all your burning shaping questions!

*** These sell quickly and we try to have them in stock but sometimes they may be on backorder. We will contact you if this is the case ***