The Vapours - Mentholated Oil

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The Vapours oil blend. Breathe easier with this potent blend of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol crystals.

While "the vapours" traditionally referred to feeling faint or anxious, this oil blend offers the opposite effect - waking and opening nasal passages naturally to relieve stuffy nose and allergy symptoms. It also works to calm frazzled nerves, and when diluted and dabbed on the temples and sniffed from a dab on the web of the hand, provides relief for headaches. It's also an excellent skin coolant in hot months. Use as you would a vapor rub. Grapeseed oil base.

Sensitive skin? Dilute a bit more for topical use, -apply it to your chest and the bottom of your feet.

** Due to import restrictions on menthol, we're unable to ship this product to the UK. Any orders headed to the UK that include this product will be partially refunded, very sorry in advance**