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Herb bundles, also known as "smudges" or "smudge sticks".

Note: due to increased demand and over-farming, Native/First Nations/Indigenous practitioners are finding it difficult to access white sage, and it's become endangered. Though we've always purchased from responsible suppliers who allow Native growers to set their own purchase limits each year according to crop success, we've removed plain white sage, and have very limited numbers of herb bundles with some white sage mixed with other herbs. See below.

We'd like to turn you onto the power of other underrated and wonderful herbs. Consider these other excellent herbs to do the same job as white sage, or pick from our line for more specialized uses.

Choose the size and herb combination:

  • Bay Leaf - 4"

  • Black Sage (Mugwort) - 5", 9"
  • Blue Sage - 6", 9"

  • Blue Sage with Peppermint 4"
  • Blue Sage with Purple Sage - 4"

  • Blue Sage with Red Rose Petal - 4"
  • Blue Sage with Yerba Santa - 4"
  • Eucalyptus -  4", 
  • Purple Sage  - 4", 8"
    • Mountain Sage - 4"
    • Mountain Sage with Myrrh - 4"

    • Mountain Sage with Dragon's Blood - 3-4"
    • Mountain Sage with Frankincense -  4"

    • Mountain Sage with Nag Champa  4"

    • Mountain Sage with Patchouli  4"
    • Mountain Sage with White Copal - 4"
    • Mountain Sage/White Copal/Cedar - 4" 
    • Rosemary - 3-4", 8"

    • Rue - **People who are or who may be pregnant should not handle, burn, soak in, or ingest this herb**
    • Shasta Sage - 3"
    • Yerba Santa - 5", 9"


    • Blue Sage/White Sage/Yerba Santa 4"
    • Sage Brush/Purple Sage/Yerba Santa/White Sage 4"
    • Yerba Santa with White Sage 9"

    Further notes:

    1. The use of herbs for purification is often called smudging, but "smudging" actually (only) refers to a specific rite performed by certain Native/First Nations/Indigenous peoples. Curanderos and other practitioners (who may or may not be Indigenous) may use similar techniques as smudging, but those are limpiezas or other rites with other names.

    2. Smoke cleansing and burning herbs to set intentions or perform rites has been used by cultures all over the world in various ways, and that is an appropriate use by any practitioner or lay person who wishes to either cleanse or set intentions for their space, or who merely likes the scent of these herbs.

    3. Cleansing a space does not merely mean to burn it in a bowl and let it be. It requires active engagement before it goes into a bowl at the end of the process. Do not feel the need to use feathers or any particular technique used by Native people, but DO engage with the herbs and speak your intentions as you light the herbs and waft the smoke around gently. Once your intention is set, feel free to allow the herbs burn in a fire-safe bowl and do not leave it unattended.

    And please - do not merely wave herb bundles at hostile people as if you were throwing holy water on them. That's not going to do any good whatsoever.