Absinthe Cocktail Kit

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Absinthe has been legal in the US since about 2007. Celebrate that fact anywhere you may be with a portable cocktail kit! Includes almost everything you need to enjoy two absinthe cocktails:

  • Beautiful tin with embossed lettering and cooshy foam interior.
    • The foam is fairly easily pulled out so you can keep the tin afterward (these are great to hold loose change, business cards, or any other stashable item.

  • Foil-wrapped sugar cubes (two of `em)
  • Travel-sized slotted absinthe spoon
  • Convenient card with recipe/how-to guide to walk you through the process
  • absinthe is not included, you must provide your own. Package does not contain alcohol.

While we're not able to provide you with a little green fairy of your very own, if you're wondering where to start we have a couple recommendations: 

- La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Supérieure
- Kübler
- Nain Rouge Absinthe Verte

and of course, Mansinthe