Abracadabra Natural Skin Toner

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A natural toner to close your pores after cleansing, or after shaving. It's primed for the face and neck/décolletage, but it's safe to use on any external skin to soothe and cool.

With a base of witch hazel, it also contains aloe vera gel and colloidal silver as well as pure essential oils. What do these ingredients do?

Witch hazel: used for centuries for skincare; fights acne, eczema, bruising and other skin discolouration or damage, soothes razor burn and helps prevent oily skin, ingrown hairs and redness.

Aloe vera gel: also used for centuries to treat skin issues from burns to inflammation and damage, it nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

Colloidal silver: antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and repair damaged skin.

Each variant contains a few drops of grapefruit oil, which can cause sun sensitivity. It's extremely diluted in this formula, but if you're very sun-sensitive, do a patch test on your inner arm if you use it in the morning. Using it before bed will avoid the need for any of that.

All of these work to calm acne, reduce pores, tighten and nourish aging skin, regulate oily skin. Choose your preferred scent or choose based on additional benefits of the oils listed, or go for unscented if you prefer.

  • Lavender - calms acne and blemishes, nourishes aging skin, great for redness and dark spots
  • Rose - the classic for aging skin, dry skin, dermatitis
  • Geranium - calms acne and blemishes, dry skin, damaged skin including eczema and dermatitis, reduces scarring
  • Lemongrass - regulates oily skin, reduces inflammation, battles blackheads
  • Unscented - just the base ingredients with absolutely no essential oils - great for extremely sensitive skin.

We generally recommend the 1.1oz/30ml size so you can use it up and get a fresh bottle on a fairly frequent basis, but we do include natural preservatives in case you prefer to economize and get the 4oz size. You only really need a 2-3 pumps misted on or sprayed into your clean hands to pat on your skin after cleansing, and you can use it during the day to refresh tired skin.

The 2 dram size is good for about a week's worth of use - perfect for sampling.

Priced according to ingredients.