6Witch3 Red Salt

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Red Salt - for ritual use and cooking.

This is food grade, charged to "listen to" the user. THAT'S IT. If you're going to use it for spellwork, you must infuse it with your own components. Those components will vary according to how you're going to use it.

It's in a 4oz boston round bottle but you actually get 5 ounces, but moisture variances/weather will make it over or under by a few tenths.

Also available as a refill - comes in a glassine bag at a lower price so you can refill your glass bottle to minimize waste.

Magickal uses:

  • for work involving sea-loving deities and spirits, or the ocean herself
  • to add longevity to spell work or intentions - long-term, ongoing work
  • protection while traveling overseas, whether on them or not
  • reconnect/"grounding" but specifically for water deities and spirits
  • eternal love work