Idyll Hands natural antimicrobial formula

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Introducing Idyll Hands - because whose hands are really ever idle these days?
Made with intention for cleansing and purification, containing no alcohol or drying agents, easy to use liquid formula in a spray or dropper top, 1 ounce size for travel or 4 ounce for home/refills.
It contains soothing aloe vera gel, vitamin E and pure essential oils including the legendary 4 Thieves all-natural antimicrobial formula, and a couple more natural essentials to boost the effects and create a fresh, herbaceous but indulgent spray that won't dry out your skin, but won't leave a greasy or oily film on it either.
The best part is, it's safe enough to ingest - though it probably won't taste that great - and it's safe for your littles and your littles with fur, feathers, scales and - what do pangolins have? Are those scales? 🖤 But don't use it on your bugs. On the other hand, if you don't have any pet bugs, you'll be pleased to know it's a bug repellent, too. You can add a few drops to filtered or distilled water to wash your altar items/crystals.
One ounce (the little guy) holds 591 drops and you only need 3-4 drops to cleanse your hands. If you really want to go for it, you can spring for the big guy, which is 2,364 drops (!) of safe, natural antibacterial, fresh-smelling goodness.
Available sizes:
1-ounce: $12.96 (about 1470 uses)
4-ounce: $49.28 (about 591 uses)